Connecting to the network

Please follow the steps below to connect to our network

Steps to connect to the network:

  1. Call our new connections team
  2. Budgetary design
  3. Firm quote
  4. Contract for electrical work
  5. Network extension and/or connection works
  6. Your electrical contractor and your installation
  7. Approval of your application for network connection
  8. Acknowledgement from your energy trader
  9. Inspection, metering, and livening
  10. Final invoice
  11. Final payment

1. Call our new connections team

Call and make an appointment to see one of our new connection staff who will be pleased to provide you with information and assist you with your new connection application. Some of the details that we need in order to assist you are:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Address of the proposed new connection
  • Connection use needed (e.g. domestic, commercial, farm, irrigation, etc...)
  • Number of phases needed
  • Capacity needed at the site (e.g. 60 or 100A, pump size, etc...)
  • Land title description
  • Sketch of the physical location (to assist verify the exact location)


2. Budgetary Design

Our new connections project manager will prepare one or more budgetary design options (depending upon the nature of your new connection inquiry), including sketches and price estimates, for your consideration.

3. Firm Quote

Once you decide you definitely wish to proceed with a proposed design and price, we will send you a firm offer.  This will include a “Contract for Electrical Work” (form 59) and a drawing.

4. Contract for Electrical Work

Should you decide to proceed with the project, simply complete, sign and date the “Contract for Electrical Work” and return it to us with the payment specified in our Offer (the full amount or 50% deposit depending upon the nature of the project and the conditions of our Offer).

5. Network Extension and/or Connection Works

Upon receiving your completed “Contract for Electrical Work” form and payment, we then start the design and construction process and instruct our Approved Network Electrical Contractor to complete the network extension and/or connection work required for your new Network extension and/or connection. This work shall be done in accordance with our Network Design Standards.

6. Your Electrical Contractor and Your Installation

Having returned to us your completed contract and payment you now need to contact your electrical contractor that you are employing directly to do your site installation work. Your electrical installation contractor will then complete an Application for Network Connection form and send this to us for processing. Your contractor will be invoiced for the Establishment Fee for a New Connection application. 

7. Approval of Your Application for Network Connection

Assuming that your Application is all in order, and compatible with our Network configuration and load capacity at point of Network connection, and includes all required information, we shall approve your Network connection application, allocate an I.C.P. number for the connection, send your electrical installation contractor and your Energy Trader an acknowledgement of the approval. Your contractor can then commence work on your electrical installation.

8. Acknowledgement from Your Energy Trader

Your Energy Trader will acknowledge to us and your electrical installation contractor that they have accepted to supply your connection.

9. Inspection, Metering, and Livening

Once our Approved Network Electrical Contractor has completed the network extension and/or connection work, and your electrical installation contractor has finished the installation work and has a Certificate of Compliance for it, and we have been notified, we shall arrange for the connection to be inspected, meters and relays fitted, and livened, all according to the appropriate Regulations, Codes of Practice, and Alpine Energy ’s Network Code. Your electrical installation contractor will be invoiced for the Inspection Fee for a New Connection.

10. Final Invoice

At the completion of the Network Extension and/or Connection work by our Approved Network Contractor, we shall send a final invoice for any remaining money owing on the contract.

11. Final Payment

You make final payment for the Network Extension and/or Connection work.

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