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Media statement
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20 October 2016

Alpine Energy has confirmed that the company’s pole inspection, maintenance and replacement plan remains on schedule.

All wooden and concrete poles have an expected lifespan and there is a continuous inspection programme in place as part of the overall asset management and maintenance plan for the company. There are also other poles in the community supporting streetlight and phone infrastructure and these are managed and maintained by other entities.

There are about 40,000 wooden and concrete poles within the Alpine Energy geographical area. All poles are inspected and assessed for timing of replacement based on factors such as the condition of the pole, age, location and environmental factors.

Alpine Energy Chief Executive Andrew Tombs can reassure the community that there are only five poles that have been red-tagged as part of the normal inspection programme. All are scheduled for replacement within the three month regulated timeframe.

“This number is well within what you would statistically expect given the total number of poles in our area and all the factors that are considered in the inspection and maintenance programme.

“We have systems in place if anyone within our community has any concerns about any particular pole. This is something we take seriously. It’s also why we today reached out to colleagues in other areas to discuss this matter. We come together as industry colleagues around the South Island on a regular basis and so we’re often discussing matters like this.”