New trenching starts

Read about our 2011 trenching project linking the sub-stations and the port . . .

New Trenching from Monday to link sub-stations and the Port

  •     Heaton St footpath between sub-station and Victoria St closed to pedestrians for several days from Monday 12th September 2011..
  •     Trenching across North St to prepare for 11 kV cables from Victoria substation.
  •     North St trenching in roadway for Victoria St cables. 2.2m wide trench. Work begins in approx two weeks.
  •     Trenching path to link Port area with new Heaton St sub-station. Cables will pass through existing ducting under the railway.


FURTHER trenching in Alpine Energy's Power to Timaru cabling and upgrade project begins in Heaton St on Monday as outlined in the map above.

Alpine Energy project manager Hayden Darling said the first stage of what would be a four-stage project over the next four to six weeks would be trenching under the northern footpath of Heaton St from Alpine's new substation along to the Victoria St intersection.

It is expected that the footpath would be closed to pedestrians for approximately 10 days while the trench was opened, cables laid and the trench reinstated.

Mr Darling said Stage 2 would see a trench across North St near the Dunroamin Dairy and cables pulled through in readiness for Stage 3, which was trenching in the roadway along North St from Alpine's older sub-station in Victoria St. This trench, 2.2 m wide and 1.1m deep, would re-route Victoria St sub-station's 11 kV cables to the new Heaton St sub-station.

Stage 4 was trenching further along Heaton St to link up with ducting under the railway line and to supply new cabling through to the Port of Timaru.
Mr Darling urged motorists and pedestrians to be aware of workmen and machinery operating in road-spaces in the area. The work is the next stage in Alpine Energy's electrical upgrade of the southern city and the Port to equip it for its industrial, commercial and domestic needs of the future.