For your safety treat lines as live at all times. Do you know what to do during a power failure? Print this checklist and keep it in a convenient spot so you can find it easily if your power goes off.

  1. Check and see if your neighbours have electricity. If they do, ask an adult to check your fuses or mains switch to rule out problems with electricity inside your home. Another useful check is to see if the street lights are on in your street. Once you’re sure it’s a power failure, call your local electricity supplier and let them know. Do not call 111 unless you have a real emergency.
  2. Use a radio and listen to your local radio station, or visit for updates.
  3. Use a torch when it gets dark, avoid candles because of the fire risk.
  4. Unplug computers, TVs, VCRs, and other sensitive appliances this will avoid possible damage when electricity comes back on.
  5. Turn off all but one of the lights that were on, so you will notice when electricity is restored.
  6. Turn off heat–producing appliances like electric irons and heaters to prevent fires in case no one is home when power is restored.
  7. Traffic lights and railroad crossings may not work. If you are in a car, remind the driver to stop, look, and listen for cross traffic.
  8. If you are stuck in a lift, stay there and wait for help. Never try to climb out between floors.

Automated notification of Outages If you would like to sign up to receive automated notifications of future outages, please contact us on (03) 6874300. If you would like notifications about a current outage, please use the link below. Alpine Energy apologises for the inconvenience caused by outages and assures you that restoring power is a TOP PRIORITY. Call the Alpine Energy Fault Line 0800 66 11 77 if you have any information that will help with an electricity outage.